Hello All,

I'm new here but not so new to the subject. You all make great points. I was born and raised Roman Catholic but I've moved on to Unitarian Universalism. I' am not here seeking converts or anything of the sort because I may be even moving on from there myself.

Even though we've suffered through, we also see what others cannot. I like to believe that we are all children of God and are made of the same stardust. I think maybe there can't be free will unless there is the element of chance... Because we've had like experiences we can empathize through the commonalities yet each one of our total embodied experiences are unique. Could it be that chance and therefore, free will, affords us the ability to form a unique identity?

Maybe it's like Voltaire said, "Life is like a game of cards. You cannot change the hand you are dealt. What matters is what you do with it."