We'd like to invite all to learn more about our new
film, Boys and Men Healing from child sexual abuse.
We completed the film in March, where it premiered
at the MaleSurvivor conference, and recently The Men's
Project in Canada hosted the Canadian premiere. The film has which received heartwarming response!

You can visit www.bigvoicepictures.com for more info. A 12-minute clip is online to view, but a new clip will be up
the last week of June 2010 which has much more of the healing related footage. Overall, the film is a tool for inspiring men
to heal, speak out, and encourage one another! It has been a great honor to work with all the men in the film. During the last 2 months doing outreach work with the film, organizing screenings nationwide, and collaborating with wonderful organizations, we have met the most amazing men who are committed to healing, thriving-- many are out on the front lines making lasting change and paving new paths to support men healing. Deeply inspiring and hopeful!

Kathy Barbini
Producer, Boys and Men Healing