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Trigger Issues/Open Discussion Forum Posts which trigger others cause conflicts which often divert us from our goal of discussing and sharing our recovery issues. They often cause others to react and sometimes respond in emotional ways which creates further controversy. Controversy can cause many of us, because our trauma experiences, to feel unsafe. Some who come here prefer not to deal with these controversies or potential triggers. The ODF is for the discussion of any issues that may be triggering to others. It also is a place where frank discussion and pointed remarks reflecting disagreements with others would be allowed. We ask such posts be made in this forum. By posting trigger issues in a separate room in which we are forewarned and enter “at our own risk” it will be easier for us to freely choose to deal with it or not. We will move to this forum discussions from other forums which, in our opinion, might be triggering. The Open Discussion Forum is for posting comments that might not be appropriate for other forums but the rules about threats or offensive posts are still in effect there.