the cloud of Atoms on the planets rings,
That once formed cities in the skies.
Now breaks in colours to make spectrums sing,
In Chaos tears in your eyes.

The raggid journey up the yellow brick road,
Past endless flats of shattered dreams,
is but a step upon a larger pathway,
Circumstance is less bad than it seems.

Upon a broken halo where a Silmaril once rested,
To light the paths beyond the sun,
Now with fires black as blood are invested,
casting shadows on whats to come.

Not for testiments written in scratches,
on the walls of prison cells in the night,
nor for pointless seaking in centiment,
or a hope of silver light.

There's no reason beyond being in darkness,
no rhyme that links the world below,
Just the basic hardness of an unseen commitment,
And where you walk no one ought to go.

Now a traveler who claimes to be wiser,
Than children lighting matches in the dark,
Eyes filled with grit fixed on the horizon,
seaking battles there's no need to fight.

Just to fall and drown in your emotions,
Tangled in nets of woven weeds,
That the stone statue men throw into the oceans,
Trauling for an ounce of human need.

Attempt in images to capture the wonder,
of a sudden ray of unlooked for gold.
Yet neither word nor melodic tocan,
Can save ilumination of the soul.

"It's a crystal nothing more, ---- but if you turn it this way, and look into it, it'll show you your dreams"