Exercise 1.

Remember that you are still standing.
Stop standing. Land here,
And don't move a thing.
Just wait.
Think about where you've landed.
What part of yourself has?
This is your land.
So wait, breathe, and repeat.

While standing bend your knees.
Hold your fists to your chest, and then
Throw your self into the air.
Fly a little while
So that when you reach the ground
You'll land,
Near where you began.

When the leaves are moving again
And your mind completes its spin
Then you've really done something
And there may be more to do.
So stand and ask yourself:
What else is worth doing?

If you know, be happy,
You are on the right track.
The challenge is landing.
Once here,
There is no turning back.

Exercise 2.

For a moment,
Let us allow books remain as they are,
Connected to their pasts, their histories set,
As it were, on the same land that Napoleon once called "His".
Only the books say this, they keep
Attachments that are of no use to us,
Like phone numbers that no longer function.
We ring them, tell them, but they aren't rung or told.

They were,
In those books, and
They are in books that were
Once, however, and never again.

Beyond the libraries, and through the world,
There is an atmosphere of language, a stratum
For the inter-actions of matter and time,
And it is not constant.

To connect our time together, we may
Someday rise up in the space
That rest between our words, allowing for the
Ascent of all understanding.

We may grab hold of nothing, and
Let it be the release of meaning's entirety.
We may open our mouths and see our
Own cryptic words fall to the floor,
Land there,
As there is no beginning to our idea of Flight
Without a collapse which comes thereafter.

This is why I've brought you here,
To allow for our knowledge to cohere against
The blue mist that lines the tree leaves,
The day we celebrate, and speak,
The truth unwritten, flying.

Exercise 3.

To follow your nature, back away.
Land past that planet, plane.
Under stand.

When there is no way but to turn back,
Hold still,
Fall in.

Stay right where you've been.
Collect there,

Try to collaborate, as
Our world has no home of its own,
No one to carry its deed.

We can only go so far
Standing as we are, so
Land here and land quick.

Create some forwardness
To stand your landing under, and
Put it down.

Exercise 4.

The land is soft in the other,
As the other is manifold,
A multi-landing strip.
Anywhere you will
The other will as well until
One of you starts landing.

From the dive, landing,
To the leap, landing,
Love landing is the deep of the own,
Your own landing.
Here, inside of what owns,
Beneath “what” itself,
Love owns, love lives,
Love claims, love lands.

Land in love, don't fall.
Spring in love, don't fly away….
If love is like flying then
Heaven is landing.

The land from which we rose,
Allows us to conceive of
A love in the cosmos
(between the minds eye and the other’s answer)

Land and
Find yourself
A field of love.

Exercise 5.

After inspecting the stars
I've come to believe in a being that is yet
Floating just beyond,
A devil in the astrodome, he or she
In pieces, everywhere falling and
Replacing the network.

I will try to communicate
Through this broken edifice-
Get a new sound
Out of this box-
For all of those aliens to hear us in.

Set aside all.
Mow the grass into a circle.
Spin the fire into a ring.
Set the signals into their sequences,
And wait
For them.

Then stand.
Become a sign for someone.
If you have a place to land,
They'll come.

Exercise 6.

I know
Who I am:
The cause and creator.
The structure of a crater.
A landing of light in the world.
(Has it no landing?)

Firstly, dust.
The ethereal being
Light looks through and
Reflects from.
Dust divides the light into land
Like it is night and day.

Then sound-
The waves meet, the
Ether is complete, as
Consonants expand:

That's land.

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