Yes It has been long overdue..about my CSA story...and from what I've seen...compared to others I've been lucky...I had a Happy childhood from what I can remember in my early years (1960's)before being molested ..although I had no father (abandoned us)..I had my mom & support one another despite the struggles monetarilywise.No father to protect us ..with neighboring well as family drunks...resulting in my 1st molestation at the age of 7 by a neighbor...then an alcoholic age 8....the same year another drunken uncle to me for a ride in the park..resulting in being fondled...would have resulted in more if I had not insisted in going home...everything a child..resulting in me at times questioning.myself of what was to suppose to be and why did it happen to me....Although I knew in my heart I totally desired the back of my mind "this tumor in my memory"..was a demon I had to contend with all my years.I've been lucky I could function in life..I could love and be inlove with women..resulting in 13 years of marriage/divorced 10..4 sons which I blessed totally blessed with...although I have recently lost my love & best friend of 3 years..I have loved her with everything I've ever had for a woman..she concluded that because I ventured in gay chat rooms..I was unfaithful and bi or gay..I've have never had a gay experience...nor do I want this in my life..I back of mind..since all of my perps are no longer with was my way to "lash out" these head games on these "lonely hearted" gay types lookin for love in all the wrong places.My was ulterior motives were wrong..there is no excuses for my behavior even if it alleviated my pain....two wrongs dont make a rightI'm truly sorry for my cost me my best friend,my much for bad karma as they say....GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I TRULY WISH KNEW ABOUT MS.5 YEARS AGO..MY TIME WOULD HAVE BEEN SPENT MORE WISELY................Wthhope 56