Iíve been watching the cutest thing. I taught my grandson how to throw rocks into my pond yesterday. So today he discovered how to go to my rock pathway that leads to the lower deck Iím currently building and pick from an endless supply of rocks. He figured out how to keep me from limiting the amount of stones he had access for tossing. My pond and goldfish will never be the same.

What was fascinating to me was after a few trips of picking up one rock at a time then climbing up the deck stairs to the pond throwing them in he figured out he could carry two rocks, one in each hand. I thought; oh boy twice as many rocks to dig out of my pond during his nap time. But to my surprise he carried the rock in his left hand back and forth, never tossing it in. He never did throw that stone. I started thinking about what the possible reasoning in this little boys head could be as to why he would preserve this one rock over all others. What made it special to him? On examination by me, it looked just like all the other rocks in the pathway, nothing special. But for him it carried some unique meaning.

What things do I carry around that have no meaning or interest to others but carry deep significance for me? (Like, maybe this story)

Were rocks created for throwing into ponds or for that matter at each other? Or maybe, just maybe, sometimes they give comfort or can be built upon as a strong foundation.

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Balanced (My goal)

There is symmetry
In self-reflection
Life exemplified
Grace personified