Thanks Sans Logos that was informative. Sex and the church had along relationship. From the beginning in fact. The first masses were orgies and sex was an integral part of church practice which was one of the things that made christions so easy to hate. Even then they knew hyper sexuality had no redeeming qualities and was a uniquely insidious, divisive and undermining method of social destruction.

I've been thinking and after hearing a question on tv last night and I am worried. This whole abuse scandal has an air of something long hidden, past, not taking place now. The dates we have for the last reported abuse are decades old which gives the impression that its a former problem.

I have to ask as well, How many victims are there in that intervening period that haven't yet spoken up or are stuck in that purgatory the church created to stifle complaints? Where are the kids abused in the 90's, even the 00's?
Some may not yet be old enough or strong enough which in a sideways kind of way provides an empirical justification for those like me who claim abuse at a late age, but it just seems people would be more alert and check on symptomatic behaviors and have the kids counseled. I just don't feel comfortable that there is such a gap in the timeline, its not as if pedophilia has gone away.

I am sure this is not the last we will hear of pedophile priests and large numbers of victims. If it is being handled properly we might here of a priest and one or two victims every few years but I suspect we will still be hearing about a single priest and dozens of victims for years to come.

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As Mark Twain once quipped, history may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.