One of the things that I've always struggled with is to "speak" with my "voice". I can write about things that happened but to physically say it is extremely difficult. Difficult beyond words! Most of probably know what it means to be silenced and I know I'm no exception to that.

So one of the things that I am working on to help heal my voice is that I recorded a podcast. This podcast is based upon one of my recent blog posts about "The Silent Treatment". It was not easy for me to create this podcast let alone physically speak the words. I had to kick my partner out of the room to do it because I am so self conscious on this.

Today, when I saw that it was live on itunes, I was both excited, nervous and feeling a million emotions swirling around me. That's all fine. I can deal with it but it is an intense day.

So if you care to listen to this, the podcast is on itunes at the following link:

iTunes Podcast - The Silent Treatment by Don Shetterly

The intro music is from some new music that I've created.

Please feel free to offer any supportive comments or a 5 star rating on it if you feel led to do so. I'm a little nervous and feeling exposed putting myself out there in this way but I'm so excited of the possibilities of using this medium to touch the lives of many people and heal myself.

Thank you all... for just being here to listen and walk with me through this part of my journey,


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