Where is the light
In this darkness I am trying to fight?
Where is the live I used to know
The live in me that i have when I am not so low?
All is gone, only fear is left
Fear that is responsible of this theft
Of joy, of peace, of happiness inside
With all this pain I am trying to hide.
I want to cry and I want to scream
I want to wake up from this terrible dream!!
This dream full of pain, emptiness and being alone
This dream that that I am carrying alone, never shown.

God, where are you, why donít I feel
Your love and peace that is suppose to heal?
Why do I feel so alone in this I am going through?
Is there nothing that You can do?
To make it easier, less painfull for me
To open my eyes and make me see.

Why canít I let You near?
Why is it Your presence that I fear?
Why is it that I feel I will break down and cry
When I allow You close and water this tearless dry
That i feel inside, that I hide behind all the time

You are here, I know You are
But I experience You from afar.
This darkness is currently stronger than You
Pulling me back in all I do.
Drawing me, calling me, making me weak
Hammering me, killing me making me sick.
But still I feel alone and lost
Protecting myself at every cost.
Walls Up, hurt hidden away
Where forever and ever it will stay.
Remain a prisoner behind thick walls
Walls so thick you will not hear when anyone calls.

Not Perfect, just forgiven