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#326379 - 03/27/10 05:29 PM Re: You're now required to rent to Illegal Immigants [Re: kidneythis]
Hauser Offline

Registered: 11/12/05
Posts: 2963
Loc: United States
Seeing it with my own eyes is not propaganda. Of the rare times that I walk into Walmart, I ALWAYS see couples with shopping carts FULL, I mean absolutely heaping-over FULL of meat, cheese, bread, soda, chips, etc, etc.

When they go to pay cashier, I see that they're not paying with a bank\debit card or credit card, they're using a "Quest Card" , then they pay cash for non-grocery items. I'm disgusted by it, because by virtue of the fact that many of them aren't even U.S. citizens, and are being rewarded for having children that they can't provide for themselves. It's disgusting.

Come here and work for a living, fine, but why should my living standards be compromised to finance the lifestyle of people who chose to have children? It's bullshit.

#326382 - 03/27/10 06:52 PM Re: You're now required to rent to Illegal Immigants [Re: Hauser]
youthfulheart62 Offline

Registered: 04/19/07
Posts: 94
Loc: New Jersey(exit3)
they are only being used by our(the)government to get there vote,when they do become the papal way of pushing there sunday laws.


#326383 - 03/27/10 07:24 PM Re: You're now required to rent to Illegal Immigants [Re: kidneythis]
earlybird Offline

Registered: 02/18/10
Posts: 1007
Let's not forget to the native american we are all illegal immigrants! We should be mindful of our own histories before judging others. I'm not willing to go back to Europe where everyone is forced to register thier every movement. Why should I force others to return to their native lands after years of living here. If we insist they go home then we must return home as well. So who's going to do the right thing and leave first? Earlybird

Balanced (My goal)

There is symmetry
In self-reflection
Life exemplified
Grace personified

#326388 - 03/27/10 08:40 PM Re: You're now required to rent to Illegal Immigants [Re: earlybird]
kidneythis Offline

Registered: 11/09/09
Posts: 1558
Those people you see whom you don't know the immigration status of get that stipend once a month so they go out and fill up the house all at once because its more economical to do so than it is to shop day by day or week by week.

Also I don't see how they are bringing down your status or standard of living. The money spent on the programs you feel are being abused would still be kept by the gov its not like you cut them off and suddenly get thousands in a rebate.

This is a normal part of human migration. I doubt that the costs of the things you see are anywhere near as bad a burden on us all as the pork projects our congress people of both parties give themselves and their friends.

I'm sorry you feel and think that way about the people you see every day that must really drain you to believe they are making your life harder just by being there and using our system as it was intended to be.

I hope you can find some peace and compassion in yourself for these people whose former lives were most likely made so horrible by our own governments support of a dictator who was supporting some American businessmen in taking profits from that nation w/o giving them fair compensation for it. They usually pay off the dictator and that was it. The people who objected were called communists and some were by necessity, by the company and our govenrment sends in our tax dollars in much larger portions to deprive these people of their birthright and that cost is in the multiples of thousands more than the cost of a few foodstamps. WHich BTW I don't think are given out as willy nilly to illegals as you claim because I remember startving, waiting months, for the fucking scum to let us eat.

As Mark Twain once quipped, history may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

#326392 - 03/27/10 09:18 PM Re: You're now required to rent to Illegal Immigan [Re: earlybird]
Trucker51 Offline

Registered: 05/21/08
Posts: 2826
Loc: Denver, CO
Before the Mexican/American War, the Spanish Empire used to occupy a large part of the American Southwest, generally south of the Arkansas River. Any Hispanics that remained in that area following the defeat of the Spanish Army had been living there longer than the white Americans that have since moved-in. There is a Spanish town in southern Colorado that dates to the early 1800s, well before early white trappers came into the area. Sure, the Spaniards were immigrants at that point in time too, supplanting the Ute, Apache, and Puebla tribes that had occupied the area for eons before that. Many of the native Americans did not recognize property rights as our European ancestors were accustomed to, they instead tended to follow the herds of buffalo and tended to roam large areas, even Wintering in sheltered places. The Puebla natives did build some large fixed living complexes, almost small towns, and also engaged in farming, which was a bit unusual. And as Earlybird has said, all of us, no matter what our race, are foreigners occupying their land, a lot of it obtained through corruption and broken treaties.

I remember a time when the southern and western Republicans were upset with any and all poor people receiving any form of public assistance paid for with Federal funds, who were mainly located in the bigger cities of the midwest and northeast. The conservatives didn't want their tax money going to subsidize a welfare state that basically redistributed wealth. Now Alan, admittedly a conservative, also doesn't want to contribute to helping anyone get out of poverty, which he sees as compromising his standard of living. Every wave of immigrants, whether from Ireland, Germany, eastern Europe, Mexico, or Asia, have all come to the US, lived in the worst neighborhoods, had the worst jobs, generally congregated together in these poor immigrant neighborhoods, where crime rates quickly soared, driving business and industry out, and generally incurring the ire and scorn of the existing non-immigrant population at the time.

Alan has been a victim of two major recessions in Michigan, his parents were victims of a couple of others there too. While it isn't unusual to want to affix blame on some particular group when life throws us another curve ball, it seems that the latest wave of Hispanic immigration has Alan all fired-up. He thinks that it is illegal Hispanics that have somehow stolen the economy in Michigan, he blames the Hispanics (incorrectly) for keeping wages low all over America, and he is quite angry at allegedly illegal Hispanics that get public assistance. So, Alan, how do you tell the difference between an illegal Hispanic family leaving Walmart and a legal Hispanic family leaving Walmart after using their food stamps there, whose ancestors have lived here for perhaps longer than your ancestors have? Just remember, in Colorado, southern Kansas, western Oklahoma, west and central Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, southern Utah and southern Nevada, and southern California, Hispanics have lived in these areas of the US longer than have white Americans.

Generally, if they are using public assistance to buy groceries with, they are legal. Now, there is such a thing as corruption and welfare fraud, just like there is insurance fraud, and corruption at all levels of government too. It may very well be that some illegals get some forms of public assistance. If you go to Canada or Europe (or even Kansas) and get in a traffic accident, and need emergency medical care, how would you feel if you were denied medical care because you were an outsider? The real problem here in America is that our government, especially the southwestern Republicans, can't seem to make ends meet without having a steady flow of immigrants to help keep wages of the masses down. So Alan, why not get upset at the people whose responsibility this problem really lies with, namely rich conservative mainly white businessmen who continue to sanction large waves of immigration just to keep their costs of doing business lower??? Everyone all over the world just wants to have a decent and equal chance of success Alan. It isn't the fault of any particular group of immigrants that they want the same things that we Americans do, it is the fault of our government and business leaders that continue to sanction and allow large numbers of immigrants to come here, even agreeing to pay a nominal sum for public assistance for a portion of the immigrant community, just to continue to enjoy paying lower wages to almost all of us as a result. Just remember Alan, with a fixed money supply, in order to have some really rich people, we also need to have some really poor people too.

Almost all of us here in America are really cattle Alan, sure, some of us have been here at the farm longer than others. But none of us control or have much of any say in what happens at the farm, all that we care about is what is for dinner. So why be upset with the new cattle Alan? American Farms needs all of its cattle in order to compete against the other farms Alan, no matter how long that they have been at our farm, they are still OUR cattle, and we need all of them, it doesn't matter what color our cattle are, just as long as they keep eating, Alan.

Here is something to ponder though: I wonder if the owners of American Farms work to destabilize their poorer competitors, thereby providing us with an ongoing ready supply of inexpensive cattle who are willing to work for less, and willing to take a lot of risk just to come here to see if the grass on the other side of the fence is greener???

Just the way that I see it,


"We stay here, we die here. We've got to keep moving". Trucker Mark

#326714 - 03/30/10 11:15 PM Re: You're now required to rent to Illegal Immigan [Re: Trucker51]
kidneythis Offline

Registered: 11/09/09
Posts: 1558
I get what you are saying Mark but I have to say I'm not a bull or a steer. I am a man.
A Union man as union men were before unions were taken over by nonunion people looking to undermine them. Unions were the main bulwork against this age old system of abuseive labor control until they were attacked for being just that by calling them something else. That was one of the first things Reagan destroyed because Unions were what held the system of regulations and safety standards together. Unions watched over most of our economy and warned of the dangers of wealthy people manipulating the system.

Believe me I am a local member in SF where Union is supposed to be king and as far as I could tell I was the only union man among the guys in my local. Back stabbing and politics just doesn't cover the undermining and juvenile, rumor based dishonesty and jerry springer esque vibe of it all. It was run by a handful of men who were all drug dealers a couple years before first running for office. It seems to be a prereg for the job and they only wanted power and money. They accomplish this by selling out the men to the bosses for a price. and control the men with lies, withholding information from the membership and setting up a man here or there as an ally and giving him some power by informing him to make him seem to be on the ball. They set up the future of this corruptly run Union by not teaching the apprentices how to be union men or even how to work the trade properly, making it easier to control the place as the older men retire. All of them the Union officials and the slected men in the field were republicans doing this for political reasons and money of course.

I don't know about the other trades, but if they are anything like my local then unions are dead in SF.

So your lighthearted story with the de>

Edited by kidneythis (03/30/10 11:23 PM)
As Mark Twain once quipped, history may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

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