The light is chil, the clouds are grey, the wind a breath of murmering,
When slowly dawns the arching day, in sunless time unhurried.

The time is full, the promise made, not to waste in journeying,
When seaking draws the ship away on restless waves unwieried.

The song is bright, the words are dim, the spirit lifted wavering,
When heavy ores pump out and in, a setting forth uncaring.

The purpose falls, destraction rules, with raucus jesters quavering,
The ship is crewed by blinded fools, together without sharing.

The sun may rise, the sun may set, yet dawning journeys constantly,
while signs and birds peel their lament, in skies forever circling.

The lands are green, the lands are black, in islands of dispondency,
New realms where old songs stil are sung, in verses light or darkling.

The stars are stil, the stars are far, across a void of emptiness,
To those in lands where mortals are, in shadows grip unceasing.

The gulf is wide, the gulf is dark, despite all songs and brittleness,
A ship can never reach the stars, sing not of false releasing.

The colours bright, the colours stream, a carnival of travesties,
As taurdry as a sharpers' dream, an idol stark and stony.

But time is long, and time is full, so swap the stars for fantacies,
As twilight pulls the journey on, in new crowds of the lonely.

And words arise as empires fall, scrawled on their throwns of splender,
The red death holds sway over all, in letters stained and bloodied.

yet legions march and legions stand, victorious surrender,
As banners rise across the land, their brilliant sigils muddied.

Time ever weaves and ever spins, the wheel ever turning,
Yet bright notes fade to moaning winds, their voices slowly silence.

The flames are red, the flames are black, where once white heat was burning,
Of charring fuel there is no lack, though nothings' left but violence.

From night to day from day to night, on stil with chances fading,
In circles of a sparrows flight, to flee without direction.

The poet stils, the poet rests, in images prevailing,
And fails at last the final test, the tone with no expression.

"all things end anikin skywalker. Even stars burn out"