For me my computer is just the starting point for the basis of relationships that i find online, not the end of it. In time i hope to meet and grow my relationships with the people I find on line here at M/S,facebook or whatever site.
As with any tool it has more to with how we use it and not so much the tool itself.

Interesting side note, I was listening to a program on NPR a few months ago and they were talking about how writing manually may one day disappear. Due to everyone using the keyboard. I am checking out my middle finger on my writing hand and my writing bump is near about gone.

Too me life is about perspectives and we each choose our own.

My Grandmother use to always bitch about how much better life was when she was young. But for the life of me I don't ever remember her complaining about in door plumbing.


To own one's shadow is the highest moral act of a human.
-Robert Johnson-

"IT ought never be forgotten that the past is the parent of the future" John C. Calhoun

WOR Alumni Sequoia 2009