I'm not ready to tell the story so I thought I'd put this here instead. It sums up all that happened on a daily basis and how I felt about it. It speaks volumes as to how I still feel about myself sometimes. It is written from my fathers point of view. It is triggering.

Forcing your innocent kisses and tasting your genuine tears.
Your voice trembling and tentative, begging me to stop, a wasted effort and a wasted life.

You look like an angel as you take this, pleading "No" but needing more. I will take you there, where you need to be.

This room is our battlefield of never ending torture and unwilling sex. It's just what you asked for and it's what you deserve.

You will be good. You will obey and you will promise to keep this a secret or you will die at my hands. Do I make myself clear?

You will dive into oceans of pain and ecstasy that I provide for you, you will thank me politely for each sting of my belt. You tremble and sweat and you bend your body to my whim to please me. How can anything be better then this?

Why you ask?
Because you are my property and I am your master.
Because I love to hate you and I love to hurt you.
Because you asked to be trained properly, remember?
Because you are nothing without me.

You are so small, so invisible, so accommodating and so sweet.
I imagine that you're already dead as I fuck you into submission. I will manipulate you at will, I will hurt you as I please, your pain is my power and your life is in my hands.

You are my perverse novelty.