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#317796 - 01/06/10 06:38 AM Historical & bio perspectives on homo/bisexuality
westsidej Offline

Registered: 12/04/09
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Loc: Minnesota
***** triggering imagery ******

Howdy all. I had this discussion off-line but felt that everyone should have a chance to see and comment on it. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for all of your support to date. It means a great deal to me.

Obviously, we're almost all hardwired for heterosexual activity or there would be no more humans. However, as the Ancient Greeks and Romans showed, homosexuality can be a normal acceptable part of society but even those sexual encounters had societal norms associated with them. I.E. It was okay to be a bottom as a youth but you were expected to become a top as you matured. Rome also had some unique sexual practices such as eating food w/ your own semen on it.

We know about many species of primates where older males mount the younger boys to show their dominance. Is that trait still in humans? Food for thought, if nothing else. I submit that homo and bisexuality can and do result from both nature and nurture. Some people might be born gay, bi or as most of us humans, heterosexual and there's nothing wrong with any of those three options. Some of us may even think that we're the wrong gender.

Homosexuality has always been present in society, but it's acceptance of or punishment for have changed as just as we have advanced as humans. Today, besides Islamic countries, homosexuality is about as acceptable as it has ever been, save Ancient Greece.

My point is that what two, or more, consenting adults do behind closed doors is between them and their god, or if atheist, the earth.

Personally, I'd love for a bi-male to join me and my wife (only if she agrees) for a MFM but both my therapist and a well respected member here have both spoke ill of that solution so the search for a middle ground continues. Only because it took decades to say this I will repeat it again. Even though women are my preferred choice, I am proud to be bisexual and have come to not just accept but embrace my gay desires.

I hope you enjoyed my post and I look forward to your comments, both on and offline.

J cool

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My CSA story TRIGGERS!!!!

The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

#317817 - 01/06/10 01:12 PM Re: Historical & bio perspectives on homo/bisexuality [Re: westsidej]
Sans Logos Offline

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to carry over from a prior thread of yours, it seems what is proposed here is that perhaps both heterosexuality [propagation of the species] AND homosexuality are hard wired in [sex for the sheer joy of it] to the sexuality equation. albeit inconclusively, the research thus far on the subject point to the idea that sexuality and gender expression lies along a continuum. in my whacky opinion, any sexual act that is not open to procreation [heterosexuality] may as well be classified as homosexuality, since the bottom line goal of such an act is to have an orgasmic experience with another person, and without the procreation factor, what makes it more than two people enjoying getting off together? yes, there are many more reasons people have sex, than to 'make a baby'. that may be a good topic for another thread.

i can really appreciate your angle on this though. and i can agree with the statement that being hard wired for reproduction is a characteristic of humans, i don't know that it necessarily follows that ALL humans are predisposed to engage in breeding behaviors. i do know for myself, i have a very low libido, and my 'gayness' is mainly apparent in the fact that i am emotionally and spiritually attracted to males primarily. i long to be close physically as well, but that does not register for me in a powerfully erogenous manner [some more so than others, but not all males are attractive to me]. i think i'm more sexually 'turned on' by honesty than any other specific characteristic.

yes, i am a 'breeder' but more by accident at being 'scared straight' than by occident or orient. the few times i did have sex with my ex [and other females for that matter], it was a very uncomfortable experience. not one i was psychicly present for, and was emotional spiritually and physically disassociated from she and from the experience itself.

but yes i can definitely agree that what two consenting adults do in their own privacy is no one's business but their own.

thanks for the great, affirming, non-shaming discussion on behalf of gbt males in general and male survivors of sexual assault and abuse, in particular. and thank you for using your voice to honor sexual behavior in its many diverse forms.

all the best,


Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC


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