The waves, they beat upon me as I sail forward,
Winds do the same as I move towards the rocky land.
Men can call me a fool but never quite a coward,
For my ship and my ideals are heading for the sand.

It is a treacherous journey and one we sail blindly,
But we go forever onwards into the abyss of the sea.
I only hope that my crew when we are done thinks kindly,
Because we did not turn tail, we did not give up, we did not flee.
We stood straight up and laughed in the face of our danger,
We tugged our lines and sails as the wind blew us,
We shouted, we screamed, many a time in anger,
We did this not knowing that others were clueless,
Others were going towards those dark, solemn cliffs,
Where men of all ages begin their descent to Hell.
It would make any normal man scared straight stiff,
But for myself and my hardened veterans, well...
The tide swiftly took us into her mouth and spit us out,
We were tossed against her teeth as she smiled,
And after we hit land we wandered drunkenly about
For we had been taken in and were beguiled
But now all we had from the ordeal was a hole,
A hole in our hearts where happiness had been.
Our innocence, our naivety, on us took a great toll,
And now we were the laughing stock of all men.
But we took it in stride and began to fix what was done.
Repairing both our ship and our desolate, weak souls.
For in the end, we had this battle already won,
And we were already sailing on the wave that rolls.