MaleSurvivor Members and Guests,

In an effort to keep MaleSurvivor as safe as possible, we would like to remind our users that the Moderator Volunteers and Site Administrators are available to address issues that arise when using the site, such as inappropriate and/or abusive discussion board posts and private messages, and inappropriate and/or abusive chat room use.

Discussion Board topics can be reported using the NOTIFY function on the bottom of each post, where you will be able to state your concern. A moderator will look at the post in question and, if appropriate, take action.

We ask that all members be aware that MaleSurvivor is a place for healing from sexual victimization and not a place to engage in behaviors that are detrimental to that goal. Inappropriate and/or abusive chat room use and conduct should be reported to a moderator currently in the chat room if one is available, or via PM to any of the moderators through the discussion board.

Please include in your PM:

1. The nature of the concern
2. The user names of those involved
3. The time of the incident and your time zone

This information will help us look into your concern and, if warranted, take appropriate action.

Links to the Website Administrator and Moderator profiles are below:

Site Volunteers:

FormerTexan aka Andy

Discussion Board Moderators:
TJ jeff aka Jeff , Anomalous aka Jonathan ,
peroperic2009 aka Igor , Don Laufersweiler, CCDC, LPC aka Don ,
Chase Eric aka Eirik

Chat Room Moderators:
blacken aka Paul , newground aka Jeff , Suwanee aka Will

Nathan LaChine aka Nathan

The Moderator Volunteers are here to make MaleSurvivor as safe as possible, but your help is needed and appreciated. Together we can keep MaleSurvivor a place for healing the wounds of the past, and a base for moving into the future.
WARNING: Private messages sent to this account are checked irregularly due to personnel and time constraints. Please send messages directly to a moderator by going to the main forum list, select the moderator's name (NOT ModTeam), and then click Send a Private Message in the Contact section. Alternatively, or if there is no named moderator, you may send a PM to any moderator.