I heard this song today, my current signature is part of it. I found it beautiful and I thought I could share it with you. I have struggled with acknoledging love for people that don't love me, and trying to understand why it happens. Especially the end of this song says it in a very clear way to me. It's something I can handle.

It's in portuguese but here's the translation:


Sem querer

Te perdi tentando te encontrar
(I lost you whilst I was trying to find you)

Por te amar demais
(And because I loved you that much)

Sofri a dor
(I suffered the pain)

Me senti traído
(Felt like I'd been betrayed)

E traidor
(And had betrayed back)

Fui cruel, sem saber que entre
(I was cruel, without knowing that between)

O bem e o mal
(Evil and good)

Deus criou um laço forte, um nó
(God had made a strong bond, a knot)

E quem viverá um lado só?
(And who will be the one to live only one of them?)

A paixão veio assim
(Love is like this)

Afluente, sem fim
(Affluent, endless)

Rio que não deságua
(A river that doesn't flow into any other)

Eu aprendi com a dor
(I learned through pain)

Nada mais é o amor
(Love isn't anything but)

Que o encontro das águas
(The meeting of waters)

Esse amor
(This love)

Hoje vai pra nunca mais voltar
(Goes today to never be back)

Como faz o velho pescador
(Just like the old fisherman does)

Quando sabe que é a vez do mar
(When he realises it's the ocean's turn)

Qual de nós
(Which of us)

Foi buscar o que já viu partir
(Went after something he's seen go away?)

Quis gritar, mas segurou a voz
(Wanted to scream but kept his voice down?)

Quis chorar, mas conseguiu sorrir?
(Wanted to cry but managed to smile?)

Quem eu sou
(Who am I)

Pra querer
(To dare)


O amor?

PS: There might be a couple of mistranslations because portuguese isn't my mother tongue.

"Yes, I'm grounded
Got my wings clipped
I'm surrounded by
All this pavement"

~ John Mayer