I was in high school my ninth school start and my 3rd country.
Some teachers picked on my work ridiculed the way I did things as it was not the way THEY teach in this country. They were not fit to be called teachers I hated him. I did not do well exept in Human Biology where I came top of class and second top in school, a great teacher.

School got to stage I was asked to leave as I was a disruptive element. I was challenging hating authority.

Mt parents never socialised I never learnt to go out. We never had visitors and the Mormons were not welcolm either lol.

One night Dad was taking us out. I was excited at 13 yold we were going to a fish and chip resteraunt.
My Dad kindly opened the door and motioned for me to walk in. he then slammed the door hard on my head. So hard everyone looked as he scolded me for not letting my Mother walk in before me.

I ended up with Social Affective Disorder and panic at paties, dinners even when I was 30 yold i cant go into a resteraunt unless I am first in and then leave as it fills up. My second wife cant understand this!

to be continued I get disturbed and no one knows I am here