Well why am I here? I was not sexually abused well not that I thought so.
I read all the symptims and tick so many boxes tho.
Well at about 8yrs old I remeber asking my Mum why I got belted by Dad every day. Because you are naughty I was told. So I accepted that. As I grew older My Dad decided I needed a new belt so he searched second hand shops comming home with a very thick second hand leather belt. This was specially for hitting me as hard as he could in a rage of temper.

I thought this was normal and was told parents who did not do this were spoiling their children. YOU will thank me later for this as he hit me leaving welts where no one would see. If he missed I could allways make sure my trousers were pulled lower so no one could see the welts.

This continued until I left hone at around 17 yold.

I had no self esteem at school and was weaker than most other boys. I counted around 36 houses we lived in and went to nine schools in 3 countries.

When I was 11 to 12 yold I had a school friend but he used to have fun beating me up then squeezing my testicles till I was screaming. We remained friends till I went to high school. This was normal wasnt it?

I have a younger sister by 15 mths but she grew bigger than me. When parents went out she would beat me up, pick me up throw me on her bed sit on me and tickle me till I wet pants a bit before stopping.

I was never given a cuddle by either parent that I remeber. I was clean sent to school, looked like a great family. Certainly not an abused child that was other families not mine.

Scoty 123 to be cont