Just curious if there have been any ideas for fundraising? I kind of wanted to mention this to the board, but I can't seem to create topics in certain areas. Anyway, I've got some ideas working up here in Canada, but I'm living in a small town. There is a few potential community projects which could call for a speaker. I could easily host something up here if anyone on the board is willing to lend a letter of support. I wish I had more time to organize stuff it can be done. I've got a lot of support in the community up here and I would be able to get something off the ground. The scholarships are worth $2,000 Cdn. I was thinking of maybe flying a speaker here and accomodations and food would be covered. I'm thinking that is between an $800 to $1200 dollar trip and the rest of the money could go to Male Survivors. It's just an idea but perhaps if I could get the addictions center I worked at to be involved we could try to raise some money on top of that as part of a mini conference/workshop. Held over a day or two. I'm thinking it would be easy and would probably raise $1,000 US and create some awareness along the way. If anyone else has some ideas I suggest we try to network them together. Cheers for now.

Jim Woodworth
Dawson Creek, BC (way up north)