I was reading and responding to a thread when I noticed that my answers kept expanding and my sadness grew with each new sentence.

I cannot visit this site without my tears flowing unchecked.

I am going to copy a post I was working on that developed far past the topic at hand and leave it here.

I think I said "I" too many times now for proper prose so here ya go, and good luck:

On top of my father sneaking into my room to molest me, at the same time a much older female friend of the family opened her shirt to me and revealed two horribly afflicted acne covered boobs and forced my hand to touch them. What a great childhood.

Also: Molesters think you are stupid. My father said, hey you are 10 years old now and should probably experience a woman. I will have one visit you soon. The next night I woke up to someone spreading the blankets open and pulling down my underwear. I was like wow, my first woman! Not that I even knew how to have sex at the time but from what my Dad said it would be great.

The effect was shattered when I felt a bushy moustache and looked up. Yep, that was my Dad sucking my crank. Instant mind fuck for life.

As far as the woman went, she did not live at my home and could not get to me. I stopped talking to her after the incident and she left me alone.

Both sexes molesting you at the same time was not a good life experience.

Oh yeah, and when I was 18 I got married and within 3 months someone broke into our apartment while I was working late and raped my wife after pulling a pillow case over her head and then murdered her with a knife.

Sexual predators have feasted upon me and my loved ones for a long time.

Life was never meant to be fair I keep telling myself.