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People's reaction to sexual abusers is PART of the problem that we face today. People think we protect our kids by putting regulations on convicted offenders so it makes it more difficult to offend again. The problem with that logic even if it prevents further occurances 100% is that a the offender has to actually get caught. Most offenders have more than 1 victim before they get caught. So now if the offender molests a kid and feels remorse about it and wants to get treatment they can't because coming forward would ruin their life (not saying that their crimes don't ruin the victims lives) because any conviction even probation will require being on the sex offenders registry and notifying the neighborhood. So instead of getting the treatment that they need and want perps are forced to keep quiet and still have the urge to abuse again. While its true that not all offenders are sorry and able to be rehabilated mandatory registration doesn't not allow those people to take responsibility for their actions and possibly prevent a future assault. So rather than 1 life ruined multiple lives will protentially be ruined before the perp gets caught.

As an aside, I'm all for treatment of perps but I do not agree with chains of logic like the one above. I find it extremely, inconquerably difficult to feel empathy for someone who ruins a kid's life by molesting him, but is afraid to come forward because his own life will be "ruined" - and the reason is because part of taking responsibility for your own actions is recognizing that you deserve to face the consequences for them, whatever those end up being; otherwise you probably don't really believe that what you did was "wrong" or "bad". I think the logic underlying the thought processes of those who are guilty and choose not to turn themselves in is more along the lines of "okay, I understand that my molesting that child was illegal, but I totally don't deserve to have the public thinking of me as a child molester because of it."

Children cannot consent; they can only comply.

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