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#309453 - 11/05/09 05:42 PM the vampire armand
boylikeme Offline

Registered: 08/10/09
Posts: 546
Loc: hell

ok.. so im gonna post bout the most important book in my life.. im not sure i wont regret this.. but .. dunno

this is about the book The Vampire Armand.. it was written by Anne Rice n part of her vampire chronicles..

my person introduced me to this book.. he told me he had been reading it n while he was reading was imagining me to be armand...

armand starts out as a young russian boy named andrei.. he is a gifted painter n supposed to become a monk.. but then one day he gets kidnapped n is shipped to turkey.. he later says he thinks he was raped on that journey cuz he cant remember it at all.. in istanbul he is sold as a slave n then shipped to italy... he ends up in a brothel in venice, but cuz he refuses to do what ppl there ask of him he is locked away and almost starves...

the ancient roman vampire marius hears the boys silent prayer for deliverance and finds him at the brothel... he buys him n takes him home.. armand is in a fever n thinks marius is christ who came to take him...

armand is described to be about 14 at this point.. hes small, hes got auburn hair n brown eyes n hes beautiful..

marius makes him his student and his lover.. he gives him the name amadeo

when amadeo is about 17 he is poisoned n marius saves him by makin him a vampire.. they only have a short time of being happy together after that cuz a group of very religious vampires attacks their home, they presumably kill marius n kidnap amadeo.. he is tortured n eventually becomes one of them.. they give him the name armand..

centuries later armand is the leader of his own coven in paris.. he is found by the vampire lestat who destroys the coven n shows armand a better way to live... armand falls for lestat but lestat leaves him behind.. he gives him the theatre of vampires to give him a new purpose..

the theatre is where armand meets louis.. this is in the movie interview with a vampire n ill never understand y antonio banderas was chosen to play a 17 yea old russian boy..

armand n louis have a short love affair but louis leaves him cuz armand killed claudia for being a vampire even younger than himself..

armand then ends up stalking daniel, the man who made the interview with louis and eventually ends up turning daniel into a vampire to save him from death..

they al fight the queen of the damned together.. in this book armand learns that marius didnt die after all n they have a little reunion but dont stay together..

daniel loses his mind so armand is alone again..

he helps lestat who is being stalked by a demon n when lestat shows him veronicas veil armand sees christ n goes into the sun to die..

he survives brutally burned n two humans save him.. a female piano player and her young servant..

armand loves them n thinks of them as his children... one time he has to leave them alone n he leaves them with marius cuz he trusts him...

but marius turns the 2 into vampires and armand is very upset.. the 2 tell him they wanted it so they could always be with him.. n marius says he couldnt stand seeing armand be so lonely any more...

this is more or less all there is..

i read the books every year... might post some quotes that are important to me sometime..

better get to bed now

ok.. heres some from a website.. but ill post the ones that are important to me some day

Armand Quotes ..
"Spells I could make around those I killed, and choosing the beautiful, the promising, the most audacious and splendid for my feast, I nevertheless conveyed upon them fantastical visions to blunt their fear or suffering."

"If I'm an angel, paint me with black wings."

"You never know the palette of the one you kill until the mind disgorges its finest colors."

"Sweet to think on it, that when we are last weary of all this world there is the rising sun."

"Perhaps I fear him because I could love him again, and in loving him, I would come to need him, and in needing him, I would again be his faithful pupil in all things, only to discover that his patience for me is no substitute for the passion which long ago blazed in his eyes."

"Oh, I know. Everyone would ravage a guilty cunning child! Everyone would have a laughing boy who knows his way around the block. Kids make better food than women, and girls are all too much like women, but young boys? They're not like men, are they?"

"Dear God, why did anyone love me? What for? Marius de Romanus, why do you love me?"

"Red and red and red. It was his color, he told me, as blue was to be mine."

"There's a distinction in being murdered. I was murdered. Oh, not by Marius, as you might think, but by others."

Everybody’s screaming - I try to make a sound but no one hears me (Untitled - Simple Plan)

#309456 - 11/05/09 05:54 PM Re: the vampire armand [Re: boylikeme]
boylikeme Offline

Registered: 08/10/09
Posts: 546
Loc: hell

*trigger warning*

from another website.. a quote from Blood and Gold - marius book

From Hell to Salvation
By those evil men, this child had been brought to some Eastern market place. Was it Istanbul? And from there to Venice where he fell into the hands of a brothel keeper who had bought him for high payment on account of face and form.

The cruelty of this, the mystery of it, had been overwhelming. In the hands of another, this boy might never be healed.

Yet in his mute expression now I saw pure trust.

"Master," he said softly in the Russian tongue.

I felt the tiny hairs rise all over my body. I wanted so to touch him once more with my cold fingers but I did not dare. I knelt beside the bed and leant over and I kissed his cheek warmly.

"Amadeo," I said to him so that he might know his new name.

And then using the very Russian tongue he knew, but did not know, I told him that he was mine now, that I was his Master just as he had said. I gave him to know that all things were resolved in me. He must never worry, he would never fear again.

It was almost morning. I had to leave.

Vincenzo came knocking. The eldest among the apprentices were waiting outside. They had heard that a new boy had been brought into the house.

I admitted them to the bedroom. I told them they must take care of Amadeo. They must acquaint him with all our common wonders. They must let him rest a while, surely, but they could take him out into the city. Perhaps it was the perfect thing to do.

"Riccardo," I charged the eldest. "Take this one under your wing."

What a lie it was! I stood thinking of it. It was a lie to give him over to the daylight, to companionship other than my own.

But the rising sun gave me no more time in the palazzo. What else could I do?

I went to my grave.

I lay down in darkness dreaming of him.

-Blood and Gold

Everybody’s screaming - I try to make a sound but no one hears me (Untitled - Simple Plan)

#309460 - 11/05/09 06:43 PM Re: the vampire armand [Re: boylikeme]
Ornias Offline

Registered: 08/13/09
Posts: 310
i read the ann rice books they are pretty good its been a while sense i read them

a good book i read when i was a few years younger was "listen to the silence" by David Elliott'
about a 14 year old boy put into a mental hospitaland how he suffers there ,he loves this other boy he meets there. its out of print tho im sure be hard to find

its not easy to hide all this damage inside,
and ill carry it w
ith me until i'm not alive.

#309486 - 11/06/09 12:57 AM Re: the vampire armand [Re: Ornias]
boylikeme Offline

Registered: 08/10/09
Posts: 546
Loc: hell

sounds like a good book

Everybody’s screaming - I try to make a sound but no one hears me (Untitled - Simple Plan)

#310866 - 11/18/09 05:21 PM Re: the vampire armand [Re: boylikeme]
boylikeme Offline

Registered: 08/10/09
Posts: 546
Loc: hell
from The Vampire Lestat

armand stood still at the stone railing watching me, and he suddenly looked as young as Claudia had seemed. And make sure they have had some lifetime before you make them; and never never make one as young as Armand. (...)
Armands eyes were red.
"Louis --- where is he?" Iasked "They didnt kill him. I saw him. He went into the rain..."
"They have gone after him," he answered. "He is already destroyed."
Liar, with the face of a choirboy.


And his voice shot out of him like the tongue of a snake.
"We had our eden under that ancient cemetery," he hissed.
"we had our faith and our purpose. And it was you who droveus out of it with a flaming sword. What do we have now! Answer me!Nothing but the love of each other and what can that mean to a creature like us!"
"No, its not true, it was all happening already. you dont understand anything. you never did."
But he wasnt listening to me. And it did not matter whether or not he was listening.
He was drawing closer and in a dark flash his hand went out,and my head went back, and i saw the sky and the city of Paris upside down.
I was falling through the air.
And I went down and down past the windows of the tower until the stone walkway rose up to catch me, and every bone in my body broke within its thin case of preternatural skin.

i read this to my t yesterday.. she asked me y i picked this scene.. n i told her cuz when they meet again.. much much later.. n Lestat asks him y he did it.. he says "because you did not come back for ME"

he pushes him cuz he needs something from him.. but not him... n i can identify with that

Everybody’s screaming - I try to make a sound but no one hears me (Untitled - Simple Plan)

#310894 - 11/18/09 07:50 PM Re: the vampire armand [Re: boylikeme]
InsideTheWall Offline

Registered: 01/10/09
Posts: 299

I've read the entire 10 books. Interesting facts:


1) Lestat bought the Theatre Les Vampires with the fortune of Magnus, his maker.
2)Antonio admittedly didn't look like the Armond from the books, but Kirsten Dunst made an impact I've never forgotten. Its hard not to think about Claudia when reading Tale of the Body Thief.
3) You're giving Queen of the Damned WAY too short a note. You could at least mention the twin redheads, Akasha, Lestat finding Marius, and the Short Unhappy Life of Baby Jenks.

One thing that annoyed me though...In Memnoch the Devil, you'd think Lestat would have visited Akasha.

Blood and Gold is one of the best of the series, biased on a similar format to Interview. Blackwood Farm was one of the most beautiful books I've ever read, which set me up for a major disappointment with Blood Canticle.

#310928 - 11/19/09 12:55 AM Re: the vampire armand [Re: InsideTheWall]
boylikeme Offline

Registered: 08/10/09
Posts: 546
Loc: hell
ok.. maybe Queen of the Damned didnt get enough notice.. but thats cuz i really just wanted to concentrate on Armand.. heres my fave part of the book:

(from Khayman's point of view)

Then some feet behind Jesse, in the swirling colour and noise, Khayman spied another intriguing figure, much younger, yet almost as powerful in his own fashion as the Gaul, Mael.
Khayman sought for the name, but the creature's mind was a perfect blank; not so much as a glimmer of personality escaped from it. A boy he'd been when he died, with straight dark auburn hair, and eyes a little too big for his face. But it was easy, suddenly, to filch the being's name from Daniel, his newborn fledgling who stood beside him. Armand. [...]
Armand immediately attracted Khayman. Surely he was the same Armand of whom Louis and Lestat had both written -- the immortal with the form of a youth. And this meant that he was no more than five hundred years old, yet he veiled himself completely.
Shrewd, cold he seemed, yet without flair - a stance that required no room in which to display itself. And now, sensing infallibly that he was watched, he turned his large soft brown eyes upward and fixed them upon the remote figure of khayman.
"No harm meant to you or your young one," khayman whispered, so that his lip might shape and control the thoughts. "No friend to the Mother."
Armand heard but gave no answer. Whatever terror he felt at the sight of one so old, he masked completely. [...]
Khayman understood this being, Armand. He felt he understood him and liked him completely. As their eyes met again, all that had been written of this creature in the two little histories was informed and balanced by the creature's simplicity.[...]
"Not unlike my own soul," Khayman whispered. "You're lost in this because you know the terrain too well. And that no matter how far you walk, you come again to the same mountains, the same valley."
No response. Of course Khayman shrugged and smiled. to this one he'd give anything that he could; and guilelessly he let Armand know it.

Everybody’s screaming - I try to make a sound but no one hears me (Untitled - Simple Plan)

#310968 - 11/19/09 12:12 PM Re: the vampire armand [Re: boylikeme]
seeker43 Offline

Registered: 06/12/09
Posts: 34
Loc: jalisco, mexico
I`ve read them all as well and loved them. The movies don`t come in a close second. Weird that Rice has gone all religion on us now.....maybe it had something to do with her husband`s death.

But about the vampires, maybe its because we have both lost something. The vampires have lost their humanity and can never regain it. We have lost our innocence and its just plain gone too. Too bad we can`t get a second chance in life and have it go right, and retain a solid, concrete memory of innocence. Mine are so far back, the things started when I was so young, I have very few memories of complete innoncence. I treasure them.


#310975 - 11/19/09 12:44 PM Re: the vampire armand [Re: seeker43]
boylikeme Offline

Registered: 08/10/09
Posts: 546
Loc: hell

yea.. i think ure right.. maybe thats y i like armand.. he lost his innocence very young.. in more than one way.. n he became a murderer.. a guilty person.. yet he is strong n noone seems to be able to hurt him anymore.. hes rich n hes got his night island.. i wish i had my own island

Everybody’s screaming - I try to make a sound but no one hears me (Untitled - Simple Plan)

#310977 - 11/19/09 01:15 PM Re: the vampire armand [Re: boylikeme]
Brett Jay Offline

Registered: 08/19/09
Posts: 31
Loc: Minnesota
Armand is, I think, the most tragic of Rice's vampire characters. I was uncomfortable reading about him because he was, of course, changed while he was still a child and the sexual connotations of being bitten by a vampire are not only apparent in Rice's versions but also in many other vampire themed novels I have read. It is also, by it's nature, violent.

I think what I find appealing about vampire characters is their superhuman powers. They are powerful and so much less likely to be victimized (after their initial victimization, of course.)

I have a fantasy now, born out of disassociation experiences, in which I am immortal. A sort of supra-conciousness, invinceable, all knowing, I suppose god like now that I see it written down.

It's always about having power that I didn't have when I desperately needed it most.

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