This bigot is obviously complicit with child abuse, and blames it on homosexuals, and precocious boys.

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5 November 2009

A discredited Catholic Chaplain who claimed that most of the sexual abuse cases involving young boys were “committed by homosexuals,” has resigned.

The comments made by Cardiff University’s Father John Owen four months ago on BBC television sparked widespread outrage when he appeared on The Big Questions.

The show asked the question, ‘Has the Catholic Church betrayed the trust of its followers?’ after the ‘Ryan Report’ revealed that sexual abuse was widespread in Irish Catholic industrial schools.

Owen responded to this by saying, “Let me tell you of course before you go too far, most of the offences are being committed by homosexuals.”

He continued in this vein, saying, “stick to the facts: the vast majority of the abuse cases in this country – certainly in America – were not taken against what I would call children, but 95% of the time, taken against teenage boys. Now what does that tell you?”

The comments disgusted the live audience and indeed the wider audience who were watching the show on television. Hundreds of bloggers rushed to condemn the chaplain’s comments.

As a result of his comments Owen was shortlisted for a ‘bigot of the year’ award by Stonewall.

Although the programme was broadcast in May it took until this month for the Cardiff Archdiocese to announce Owen’s resignation, suggesting that he was allowed to resign of his own accord, according to a report in the university’s student newspaper gair rhydd

The university has stressed that Owen was not actually employed by the university.

“Cardiff University does not employ any chaplains of any faith. A number of chaplains are appointed by their respective churches to provide pastoral support to members of the university community,” a spokesman told gair rhydd.

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Cardiff revealed that Owen offered his resignation during a meeting with Archbishop Peter Smith earlier this month.

Temporary arrangements are being put in place at the chaplaincy for the pastoral care of Catholic students until a new chaplain is appointed.

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