So. The worst part of the first part was the day my uncle and his cousin took me to one of their apartments. Or maybe they lived together I don't know. My sister went off with the "girlfriend" of my uncle. So that gave my uncle and his cousin a lot of alone time with me. It was in the fall. The cousin had taken cameo portraits of my sister and I. My parents never put them up on the wall.

The two of them got naked, and got me naked too. And got me high as well. I remember the poppers and I think there was pot as well. I was about 4. The cousin took me in his lap and greased up my hand. He had an erection but I don`t think he put it in me But he did put my hand up my uncles butt, like I was fisting him or something, more like a dildo really. I thought I was going to die. Be totally consumed by this ass that had eaten my hand. My first flash backs were that. My uncles ass.