Over the weekend I talked to my brothers and sisters. None of them ever experienced
abuse growing up. They were great and tried to help me. My oldest sister did lead on to someone in the family that was an abuser. I as a kid hated going over to this house a a small child. Connection, hmm? I have to talk to my parents about my youth, I was so angry, upset at the world, out of place sexually. I talked today to my sister we took a long walk in NYC where we both work, today was beautiful. She is such a rock, it's nice to have her to lean on. She also thinks there is a connection with this person or their family. I hold my head and think why I lived my life so long not coming to terms with this. I could of had a normal childhood? Who knows, I just want my issues dealt with. It's all coming back as I dive further into the blackness that ruined my youth. God bless you all!

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"start liking yourself first and the healing will come"