Good intensions can hurt .... There are so many that don't get it? Their is harm in "positive" words. So many phrases imply blame and pressures of being at fault for everything, it especially hurts when it's associated with the abuse or it's effects on a person.

When someone lays judgement as to why my life is the way that it is and then tries to be encouraging, their words hardly ever seem to come out without harm. Any response from me makes me have a "bad" perspective.

"If you try hard enough...", "life will get better if you just think positive", "when you finally get to the point of ______ things will change", or any of similar said things....

Don't people see how they lay blame on the person who they try to encourages? All those things make it sound like it is because something is not being done right in order for someones life to be the way it is.

There is nothing that I can do to make my life any better.... it's a fact! What comes from that statement?


My statement for me IS the truth at least until something OUTSIDE of my doing changes. I do everything I can to make things better for myself and any criticism that implies that I can do more just attacks my being and everything that I HAVE DONE. What more am I supposed to do? More? What is more? Trying something longer? Not giving up? Stuff like thinking happy? Thinking "positive", or whatever it's equivelant is supposed to be, has been tried and failed. What's on the list that I haven't tried?

I hate the term recovery because it's too closely associated with alcohol/substance abuse. I am not an addict to the things that harm me. I am not accustomed to what my life has been. I'm upset, I don't know what more I want to say right now.

Semper Fi

The statistics? 1 in 4, 1 in 6?
...then me the imaginary number

Abuse Part I&II