I'm not politicizing, I'm commenting on social/legal policy, and how the way it's currently modeled might well have directly contributed to the tragedy that unfolded a few days ago. A euphemism? Perhaps.

Perhaps there are only different orders of magnitude?

For example, I've commented (here at MS) numerous times about Clinton's 8-year bombing campaign of Iraq in enforcement of that "No Fly Zone", and the sanctions that killed 1/2 million Iraqis, most of which were children, all throughout the 90's. In that case, I was doing the same thing. Was that wrong to do? I really don't think so.

Let us not forget that my main contention was that these boys had nothing to fear from the father, they only had to worry about being "arrested" by "the police" at worst. Fear of consequences is the strongest motivating factor in the enforcement of civilized behavior, something these kids obviously lacked.