In 1996 a few neighborhood “friends” were over at our house in our back yard in our tree house it all started and has been a painful memory throughout the years especially since I still see these people. I was often left along as a child as both my parents worked and were gone a lot of the time.
It all started as just a normal day in the tree house and then things just moved forward, Drew and Steve were the kids name they where 17 at the time and I was 15 I grew up with both Drew and Steve from childhood, attended the same school, etc, we played basketball, football and so forth, when this day in the tree house things change. Our tree house had the bottom covered in thick black plastic and was open so we could get up into the tree house. At first, it seemed to be normal to want to take off your shirts, because it was a hot day, than Drew and Steve wanted to remove shorts as they “were too hot” they said, they both had two sets of shorts on so I kept saying no I’m fine, but finally under peer pressure I took off my shorts then things got strange, Drew held me to the ground will Steve took off my underwear and he took my penis and put in his mouth and he sucked on it while Drew was still holding be down I was trying to escape and run into the house, but had no luck then Steve after he was done with me put his penis in my mouth I did not know what to do, I kept trying to get away but Steve was setting on top of me and Drew was holding me down still so I sucked his penis and then Drew switched places with him and made me do the same thing and then they left and told me not to tell anyone as bad things would happen.

A week passed and things seemed to go back to normal until one day they both came over when I was alone in the tree house again and things got worse The oral sex happened again that day, and they kept telling me not to tell anyone or I would get hurt or bad things would happened.
A few months passed with the same things continuing on a weekly basis until a few months later it moved to horrible things that I did not know what to do, it was a power play, they had the power, I will never forgot the one day when they both came over again and they we into using rope to hold me down in the tree house, all I remember is being placed on the ground of the tree house with rope from behind. Steve was naked at the time, he proceeded to push his penis into my ass, I was never in such horrible pain, I asked him to stop, I even tried to untie the ropes holding me down, I have the scares to this day on my arms and feet from trying to get up. And after Steve has his turn then came Drew, this happened three more times before it stopped when they moved away for college.

Everything happened over a year and to this day I don’t know how to deal with this, I have had counseling several times but it never seems to help, I still want these people to pay for what they did, I blame myself for a lot of it too. I have finally told me parents about what happened when I was a kid, now that I am 30 I still have not been able to have a relationship with other women and I still feel used and like a personal pleasure toy for two sick individuals I still have nightmares over what happened and sometimes just feel helpless.

I hope my sharing that I am able to help someone. Just seek help when it happened don’t let anyone use you.