This is a very comprehensive book and a great resource for survivors that deal with trauma and disassociation, as it explains in detail how disassociation can develop and co-occur with trauma.
it is by one of the legendary experts in the field of Trauma and trauma related disorders, Dr. Jon G. Allen
I had the privilege of working with Dr. Allen, while attending the Menninger clinic in Houston, TX. i have received tremendous help from his course and his book equally.

The book is called "Coping with Trauma: Hope through understanding"
Here is a link to it on Amazon:

I wonder if I could make a recommendation of possibly adding the book to the Male Survivor Library.

Also, I would like to say on a quick note, that besides Therapy, My stay at the Menninger Clinic was the most helpful thing for my recovery to date.

Here is a link to their web site:
and here is some more useful links about them.
This is the Unit that i Attended, but they have many different ones to suit peoples variable needs.

here is some info about their incredible world class staff:

This program is very comprehensive and they really seem to try to cover all of their bases. They seem to like to involve and incorporate the thoughts and concerns of the patient in the treatment as much as possible which is a huge plus and makes them stand out as different in my view.
I will say finally that for a rating I would give them a solid 8 out of 10! Definitely the best program that I have ever attended and I have attended very many!!!!

Hope some one finds this helpful,

oh, if anyone has any specific questions, feel free to ask me here or send me a PM, I will do my best to try to answer you sufficiently.

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