I was neglected terribly as an infant/toddler, beaten 622 times from age 2.5 until age 14 (oh yes, I counted - almost all by peers). I was incested by my mother from ages 6 - 15 (the same ages she was by her father). I was molested 3 times outside the home at ages 4, 9, and 11 - by 3 different people. My Dx which wasn't clear until I was in my 40's is: complex PTSD, attachment disorder, bipolar II.

At age 14 I got into rage filled violence, and maimed people that had bullied me, or tried to bully me. Drugs, dealing, and messed up relationships was pretty much my nighttime life, by day I was a good student and went to college.

That's all I have tonight. More to come.