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#305055 - 10/03/09 06:01 PM Re: Invisible person in my bedroom [Re: sugarbaby]
michael banks Offline

Registered: 06/12/08
Posts: 1755
Loc: Mojave Desert, Ca

Too me at times sex can just be a perforance to make sure that my patners is happy. Sometimes it as if I am outside of myself watching things unfold and not really an active patner mentally.
As if the I separate into two people the physical one and the mental (emotions)one.

Interesting, come to think about it i do this splting thing alot.


To own one's shadow is the highest moral act of a human.
-Robert Johnson-

"IT ought never be forgotten that the past is the parent of the future" John C. Calhoun

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#305818 - 10/10/09 01:29 AM Re: Invisible person in my bedroom [Re: michael banks]
James Landrith Offline

Registered: 07/08/08
Posts: 40
Loc: Alexandria, VA, USA
Originally Posted By: michael banks

Too me at times sex can just be a perforance to make sure that my patners is happy. Sometimes it as if I am outside of myself watching things unfold and not really an active patner mentally.
As if the I separate into two people the physical one and the mental (emotions)one.

Interesting, come to think about it i do this splting thing alot.



I feel like you just got inside my head and put my own thoughts on the page. For years, I've just submissively "given it up" when asked/demanded to do so. I am not really present mentally and normally I stop when she orgasms.

I just don't want it myself but the guilt trips, whining and accusations of infidelity wear you down...

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#305836 - 10/10/09 02:38 AM Re: Invisible person in my bedroom [Re: James Landrith]
1islandboy Offline

Registered: 06/23/08
Posts: 906
Loc: washington

I know all to well, the connections I have between my past and present day intimacy.

The only thing, that I have half way figured out (what works for me) is to try and stay focused on the journey.

The alter focused (and forced) on the goal...Somethings, cannot be changed (I cannot unbreak the vase)...but I can adjust the view (on how I perceive things).

Magic Power (Triumph)


Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine ~ M.F. Fernandez

#306028 - 10/11/09 10:56 PM Re: Invisible person in my bedroom [Re: 1islandboy]
Logan Offline

Registered: 04/05/03
Posts: 1368
Loc: NY
Michael B, you took the words out of my mouths too.
I feel as I am a bystander during sex and there events are unfolding around me as i just let them happen and become very passive. Things begin to feel unreal, like I am watching a movie of myself with the person as opposed actually being mentally present. It seems like I am split into an automation where I robotically go though the motion while trying to feel as little as possible, That or I go into what sono described a sort of high anxiety panic mode and everything feels too intense. I used to do the panic thing and then I "created" The robot persona which made sex much easier to do without all of the fear attached to it. Funny enough, sex to me was not about enjoyment, and never was, it was about fulfilling that part of the role of the contract in a relationship, something that must be accomplished for me to have some one stay with me and this is worth the price to have somebody there for me frown . This is sad to think about, but I guess it needs to be addressed. The problem is I don't know how to cure it or begin to get help with it, I was thinking about maybe going to see a sexual Therapist, and I have spoke briefly to my Therapist about doing that and he said that maybe something to consider.

As of now I don't consider sex with somebody an enjoyable act but rather a necessity to satisfy a partner and keep her happy. Thinking about myself as a non-sexually person pains me because I view it as a major flaw to my masculinity. It is as if I am lead to believe that all (normal) guys have frequent sex and are virtual Casanova's in the bedroom and therefor to qualify as a Real Man, I should/must be like that too, and I know that I am defiantly NOT like that!

Good topic and thank for letting me share my thoughts.
This is something that I have not been facing and an issue that really need to be addressed and faced!


Edited by Logan (10/11/09 11:00 PM)
"Terrible thing to live in Fear"-Shawshank Redemption
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"Quite a thing to live in fear, this is what is means to be a slave"
-Blade Runner

#306057 - 10/12/09 03:06 AM Re: Invisible person in my bedroom [Re: Logan]
Freedom49 Offline

Registered: 12/31/07
Posts: 2724
Loc: Washington State
One of the things that has helped me was as my T put it to "re sexualize" myself. Instead of dissociating or numbing out and just performing I tried to engage my then wife with some kind of pillow talk. Compliments, direction, feed back on how it feels to me what she is doing. In other words focusing on her and making eye contact and concentrating on her with everything I have in order to stay present. I also let her know what I was doing and why so she would not freak out because I was acting different. The first time was awkward but the second time was actually fun. So much so that I felt kind of awed and weird afterward. LOL. Of course that was before the "incident" and after that it was toast on the sex. I did get the feeling that It would have worked though.


#306432 - 10/14/09 03:02 PM Re: Invisible person in my bedroom [Re: sugarbaby]
sugarbaby Offline

Registered: 08/17/08
Posts: 382
I chatted at length with my husband about this and realized soemthing rather surprising. He is quite a hottie so back in the day he had a lot of female attention. A good amount of that was the fast moving type - so on a 1st/2nd date he'd be getting groped pretty well and it actually caused him to be impotent becuase the rush factor reminded him of his abuser.
He had mentioned performance problems....maybe 2 times in the last 17 years and well, I never experienced that with him so I never realized how often he had had problems. .....and how frustrated and shameful he had felt about it.
Now the reason he never had an issue with me was that we dated heavily for over 3 months before anything that could be considered sexual happened. He had plenty of time to trust me.
BUT, then he was put into a new position where everything worked physically every time but new problems arised....such as being nervous about pleasing me.
This whole thread has been very eye opening.

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