It was the fall of 1961. Some of you other guys wern't born yet. I was starting freshman year at a prestigeous boarding school. It was a new and bewildering world for me, a real culture shock. I came from an isolated rural area and a family of modest means to a school of guys mostly from big towns and cities and mostly with comfortable families. Fitting in was a real problem and mostly I never did. It wasn't exactly a military style school but well regimented never-the-less and some very established traditions about what was expected. A few months after school began I came down with a bad case of flu. I checked myself into the infirmary and was there a few days till I recovered. About the last day I was there I remember being very drugged when I woke up in the morning. I couldn't stand or walk and held on to the wall to stand up. I remember the infirmarian smirking at me when he saw me. And that is all I can remember. But as I posted here earlier, I later overheard others discussing the infirmarians MO. Apparently not everyone had taken the pills as given. He would commonly drug us when in the infirmary and then come molestoing when we were out. I didn't deal with it then, but remember feeling very creepy when I heard about it. After that came the years of nightmares until only a few years ago when I saw the perps name on a list of abusers from the school. At that point I consciously put things together and have been trying to make some sense of all of this. It ain't easy. Kerberose