Ok I've decided to put this down in parts. The way I came to know it over 40 years. You should get it all in forty days.

This re-occuring dream went on for years. Sometimes everynight for days. Sometimes sporadically a few times in a month.

I'm asleep on my bed. The dream always starts with an exact representation of whatever room where I have fallen alseep. The door opens slowly. I tighten in fear. The whole body strains. What is it? I don't move. A shadowy figure appears in the door. I can't make out much. It stays in the doorway for a while. Then it comes and stands over me in the bed. Again I try to see what is there. I try to wake up, but cannot. I cannot move at all. The figure bends over the bed. It is touching me. It is on top of me. I struggle. I try to move. I can feel skin against my skin. I can feel hair rubbing against my skin. I try to push away. I have to get away. I am held down tight. I cannot move. I scream as loud as I can but no sound comes out. Then in a start I jerk and wake up. There is no one in the room. I am out of breath, panting. The bedcovers are thrashed in a rumble. Many times I rushed to the door. There had to be someone there. I can still smell the odor of tobacco. But there is no one there. No one else anywhere.

Sorry if this might hit triggers. I trust Admin. will deal appropriately.

And now it's time to go to work as if none of this had ever happened.

But far back in the unconscious Kerebos never sleeps.