Guess I will make this brief. I am like an easy target, it seems, in peoples eyes to mistreat. I was sexually assulted last night. I was so drunk and so loose I think. I was clubing, even though it isn't the weekend, it's summer and the clubs here in California are busy at night. I took a time-out with my fiance' I have to many homosexual feelings that I decided to give her an out to the monsters in my house. She took it, we are friends and want to remain that way for a while.

The club was good, it wasn't even a gay club. I drank alot and got loose on the dance floor. Everything that happened seemed like a slow motion movie. I remember meeting a group of males on a quest to find some girls. We laughed and talked. They continued to buy me drinks because I can't buy myself drinks legally yet. I went with them to a beach and we drank more. I don't remember how it started but they all had me nude on the sand raping me. I just got out the shower for the third time. I need to get some sleep. I'm tired.