After my abuse, I was split in 2, a boy that never grew up and the one that is writing this... For 13 years I had nobody to listen to me or to comfort me, so I wrote a book in which I tell how I survived with the little boy hologram, that lived in a parallel world.

After some horrible treatments with pills I started having delusions: the boy was not in the imaginary world anymore, It was here to haunt me!

This is the last chapter of the book that I wrote... I (the big one) talk to the little boy. I hope you like it...

pd. it's very fantastic, theres a lot of places like the room of books and etc. They're just places in his imaginary world.

What happened Luis? It seems like after being swimming to the room of the chests you’re not in your world anymore. It was an escape, now you’re not going to be able to go back anymore. We both belong to the same world and with the same language. It hurt me so much when I got to see you for the first time as a little boy, screaming, dirty and no shoes, dirty clothes and with signs of hits everywhere, and a still bleeding wound. But why do you want to scare me? Recently I have felt you are there, with me and you are tormenting me, you scream, cry, run… I see you everywhere and with terrific images. What do you want me to do?

I know that deep inside I’m not scared about you because you’re me at the end. I personally don’t know if you’re going to disappear, or if you’re going to be with me as a clean happy boy loafing around, in this world. You are just the memory of my past and I will never forget you, but please, we got to do something to put an end to all this. Let go the sword because the shield is already broken.
We’re defenseless like babies because we need to start a new life. What is your real age? I don’t know and I don’t really care… If you dare to come around and sit with me and talk for hours, cry if you want. I’m already a man so if you want, I can be the father you think you never had. Please when I look at you don’t leave, face me.

I will look for you in the darkness, where now you live and we’ll talk, we’ll cry, we’ll laugh at ridiculous things as you find relief. You won’t be dirty anymore and your wound will be sealed. I know it is hard and I know that it’s going to hurt so much, but we need to do it now.
Let’s meet boy, we’ll drink something. What about today?. This is the last chapter of this book, there’s nothing left to say.
I don’t know if we’re going to be able to feel again, If our hearts will beat easily, or if we’re not going to be scared. But the past cannot smash us anymore.

You can curse the goddesses of the luck, cry and run…. But you’re still bleeding, and have no shoes. You can wander the shores alone, read the New York library, have the finest beers of the earth and collect the water from all the oceans, but you’ll still feel bad.
I’ll light up a candle, draw your image since I can’t physically see you.. I’ll give you some of my used clothes because that’s all I can offer you. At least you are not going to walk with your bare foot. Clothes are going to be big for you, I know…. Who else can give you all this, boy? –Nobody.

I’ll also feel cold, with my bare foot. To make you believe I am feeling what you’re feeling. There’s nothing left out there Luis: family is broken forever, you don’t have a place that you call home, and don’t know what’s up next. We can’t plan what’s next if we’re like this Luis. Realize that!!!
I will scan my past, and find you. I’ll bring you home.
Night is harsh, but at dawn, victory is ours. The brilliant morning will destroy the ruins, the knife, the chests, the plateaus and palaces. Everything will be destroyed. The Autumn Shrine will burn within the wind of red leaves. The Room of Books shall be burnt, and in the mountain of the ashes of the ancient library, we’ll find the ashes of this book and within its burned chapters, there’s the last key… The key I will use to unlock your schizoid heart.

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