I grew up in an Irish Catholic community. My grammer school years were spent in a Catholic environment which included being an alter boy. I was very proud of being an altar boy, and I was very close to the priest who scheduled which mass I would serve. Our relationship through those years became stronger and he appointed me head altar boy for my final year. I thought it was because of my work in the church. However, he had other ideas.

He invited me to the rectory on that fateful night to talk. I thought it was odd that he invited me to his private room (bedroom). However, I did not question it. I remember another priest agruing with him about how I should not be in his private quarters at any time let alone the evening. He came back into the room and offered me a beer (I was 13 at the time) and I accepted. I thought it was cool having a beer with the priest I was very fond of. The rest of the story gets very hazy yet I remember him in his tee shirt and he was very close to me rubbing his penis. He asked me to rub it for him. This is when I checked out. The last thing I remembered was leaving the rectory and the priest he agrued with just looked at me with the saddest eyes I've ever seen. My ass was very sore and I felt as though I did something very wrong. It was not long afterwards that he was transferred to another parish.

The fallout from this was devastating. I withdrew from my friends, hid in the closet when things got really bad, and urinated in my bed almost every evening. I was scared to death in social situations which continues into today. I continue to check out often to the point that I can not remember what people tell me just minutes after we had a conversation.

The sad part about this whole thing is that I am not angry towards this priest. Rather, I am very sad. Sad that God, and I grew up understanding that he was a loving God, would allow this to happen. I was just there to work and worship you, and your priests and hierachy just did whatever pleased them. I just hope you deal with this when you call your priests home because none of them, and that goes straight to the top, did shit.