Here is part one and part two of my story as initially posted.

I've come to realize that the abuse may have started sooner and gone on longer :-(

I initially believe that it began after I was 5, say 6 or 7.... That was based on the fact that I believed we moved when I was 5....

I recently got a bunch of pictures and things from my mom. One of the things in there was a baby book, with all sorts of dates etc...

I now know that we didn't move when I was 5. We moved when I was 3. A month before my 4th birthday. Then I found the "guest" list for my 5th birthday.... they were there. I just don't know anymore. Everything I thought was fixed isn't...

I also stated before that those individuals moved away when I was 11 or 12... but I recently remembered an incident... Their oldest son, beat his mother up. When he was 16... so their moving when I was 11 or 12 would have been impossible. I would have been that age as well :*-(

These realizations have been pretty rocked right now.

I'm a mess. I know it doesn't really change anything. It is what it is. IT hasn't changed, I've just remembered it more clearly.

Such pain.

And yes, for any who may wonder, part 3 was written, but never posted here. Also too much pain.