Another new topic that branches out of other threads, particularly "Threads Deleted for Containing Trigger Issues."

There seems to be some confusion about the purpose for & motivation behind membership in MS.

It's not a matter of "pay & become a member if you want to be safe." It is a matter of "you (and others) can be safer if & when you choose to become a member, for which you pay to help keep the site safer, & to help more male survivors in more ways." Period.

When you become a member yes more info about you is available, but still kept confidential, until you share it. That's why membership & posting in the members only forums is safer, not more constricted but more open.

That's also why some people are not yet ready for it, and that's ok; I wasn't either at first, & it takes us all some time. But...

Until someone can prove that "they" whoever they are has some evil ulterior motive in encouraging membership in MS, wanting the site to be safer & more effective, and asking for a very minimal "fee" for that cause, my not so humble suggestion is:

If you're criticizing about this please stop it until you can prove it! Try to believe the best about all the people here instead of the worst, until they give you good & proven reason to do otherwise. If you must criticize (based on proof) please do so constructively. If there is a problem more destruction will not solve it.

My God people, if nobody else here needs a safe place where they can learn to trust & share openly with people, I sure do! However, I know I'm not the only one. I think that's what most of us really want.

Dang! If I'm not careful, I just might become an optimist! ;\)


"I can't stand pain. It hurts me."
--Daffy Duck