I thought you guys would be interested in this initiative by the NSPCC here in the UK. There is an online petition on their website if you're interested.

As you read this there are millions of illegal images of child abuse in circulation online. Children are visiting social networking sites that have no effective control over their content. And with more and more public WiFi zones plus web-enabled mobile phones, access to dangerous content has never been easier.

The new UK Council for Child Internet Safety is deciding how to make the internet and mobile phones safer for children and we have the chance to influence it by petitioning the Prime Minister directly on six key issues.

1. Stop the use of software for private sharing of child abuse images

2. Block children's mobile phone access to adult content

3. Ensure social networking sites protect young users by proactively reviewing and removing offensive/illegal content

4. Pre-install child safety software on all computer and mobile web devices

5. Make therapeutic services available for children who have been abused and had pictures and films of the abuse appear on the internet

6. Provide specialist training for professionals who deal with online offenders

I don't know if there is a similar plan afoot in the USA.

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