Large chunks of my life are missing. Lead two lives, one for the pubic and then the real one. Memories are fragmented, they come in spurts. Random, no order to them. Most people don't believe SRA really happens, they don't want to think things like this really go on.

Stuff happened at home with my parents, physical, emotional and neglect. The compound though, that was a bad place.

A lot of animals were involved, for sacrifice, for sex and for torture and punishment. Scared of spiders, tied down and covered in them a few times as punishment. They told me they were poisonous, couldn't cry or I'd get shocked. Crying was never allowed, a sign of weakness. Weakness is a flaw, one that would get you killed. Could never show emotion at all.

The men would surround, in a circle. Robes on, nothing underneath. Whatever kids were there would be in the middle. They'd watch and some would tape the sex, scratches all over from the claws. Then they'd make us clean up and they'd have their turns. Enough for now.