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#290223 - 06/04/09 01:18 PM 4 teens charged as adults
Hauser Offline

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(CNN) -- Four teenage boys in Tampa, Florida, were charged as adults Wednesday on allegations of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy.

Charged with four counts each of sexual battery were Randall John Moye, 14; Raymond A. Price-Murray, 14; Lee Louis Myers, 14; and Diamante J. Roberts, 15. CNN is naming the defendants because they were charged as adults.

Hillsborough County prosecutors allege the four boys raped the 13-year-old victim multiple times over two months with a broomstick and hockey stick.

At a bond and arraignment hearing, the defendants appeared before Hillsborough County Judge Wayne Timmerman to hear the counts against them read in court.

Prosecutor Kimberly Hindman described to the court how two defendants held down the victim while the other two defendants violently sodomized him with the sticks. "The victim screamed and cried, telling them to stop," Hindman said.

The prosecutor said the victim's screams could be heard outside the boys' locker room at Walker Middle School, in southern Tampa, where the allegedly assaults took place.

Multiple people witnessed the attacks, but no one reported the incidents, including the victim, Hindman said.

The school began an investigation after a fight that began on the football field and continued until a coach broke it up in the locker room, said the prosecutor. During the fight, the victim said, "I'm tired of them getting on me," Hindman said.

When school officials questioned the defendants, all four admitted in a written statement sexually assaulting the victim.

The defendants "all implicated themselves in a sexual-battery incident," Hindman said.

The victim did not acknowledge the attacks until questioned. School officials contacted authorities, who initially charged the four as minors with sexual assault and false imprisonment.

Several students witnessed the incidents over the two months, said the prosecutor, who added that she could not understand why no one reported the attacks.

The victim made a statement in court, telling the judge how his father was angry and his mother couldn't stop crying when they heard about the attacks.

Defense attorneys told the judge their clients were good students and had never been in trouble before. Attorney Tim Taylor, representing Randall Moye, said his client's family is among the finest in the community.

Taylor presented six character witnesses, including his client's mother, Jeanne Myers, who said her son wants to attend college. The prosecutor asked her about her son's written statement about the attacks. Myers said her son described clowning around in the locker room with a hockey stick. She added that he told her about holding down the victim for a few seconds.

The victim finished the academic year at home instead of returning to school, authorities said.

The judge set bond for each defendant at $15,000, with ankle monitors for all but one, who has left the area. The four boys were taken into custody in court and booked into the adult jail. The judge warned the four to have no contact with one another, the victim or any witnesses in the case.

The defendants could spend up to 120 years in prison if convicted on all four counts.

#290262 - 06/04/09 07:06 PM Re: 4 teens charged as adults [Re: Hauser]
Clockwise Offline

Registered: 03/03/09
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Loc: Pennsylvania
I learned about this story earlier today and I have to say that I am apauled by this. That 13yo kid is going to be traumatized by this for the rest of his life. And I usually don't wish bad things on people but I hope and pray that the kids who did this to him are put into the general population in jail and that they get the shit beat out of them every day they serve.

I'm glad they decided to prosecute them as adults because what they did was an adult crime. What I'm also upset about is how the article said that the crime took place multiple times over several months and that people witnessed it and could hear the kid screaming outside of the locker room. That is just sick. How can you possible stand there and watch a child being violated over and over again like that and not do anything about it? I wish they could charge the people who also knew about it and didn't say anything with a crime. Poor kid.

Yet another 24 hours.

#290264 - 06/04/09 07:20 PM Re: 4 teens charged as adults [Re: Clockwise]
wes-b Offline

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Loc: Western, Canada

As I read this and got to the parts about all those who were witnesses I was immediately taken to the book "The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander" a book by Barbera Colorosa, that explores the culture of violence and dominance that allows if not fosters this sort of horror. This crime is the ragged edge of the problem that makes the airwaves. These 4 didn't suddenly think hey lets to this... it grew and escalated to this point in a culture of denial and dismissal. the ever-popular 'boys will be boys' line that dismisses sooo much abuse.

I know that I kept my secret and I expect my mother and father kept secrets too... when I look at the veil of secrecy in my family history silence and denial are in the DNA of my family, as with many. I pray that more of us tear down the walls of denial and secrecy that these events become fewer and fewer.

Love and prayers for all victims and survivors. Wes

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Happy to be a recovering survivor. :-)

Continuing to meet more of my fellows as I "Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny".

My Story, 1st pass

#290267 - 06/04/09 07:33 PM Re: 4 teens charged as adults [Re: wes-b]
roadrunner Offline
Administrator Emeritus

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Loc: Carlisle, PA
Horrendous. It will be interesting to see what turns up in court. Specifically, what possessed four boys in their mid-teens, with no records of any kind, to think it might be okay to gang up on this younger boy like this - and continue to do so for months?

This terrible incident also highlights the awful "don't tell" code that prevails in most high school cultures. What can be done about that?

Thanks for posting this, Alan.

Much love,

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#290326 - 06/05/09 01:50 AM Re: 4 teens charged as adults [Re: roadrunner]
myboyhoodfears Offline

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#290348 - 06/05/09 05:22 AM Re: 4 teens charged as adults [Re: Hauser]
GeorgeMartin Offline

Registered: 12/30/07
Posts: 207
Loc: USA
Oh yeah, the Judge said "now, boys I don't want you having contact with each other verbally or otherwise". But what about telephones, text messenging, or the parents having dialoges with each other over this just plain disgusting situation?! What they need to do is detain these 14-15 year old young men in seperate cells until they go to trial. Period. Just to make sure they don't cook up a mutually agreed upon "story" of defense. Like the "gay defense or something".

#290366 - 06/05/09 11:23 AM Re: 4 teens charged as adults [Re: GeorgeMartin]
myboyhoodfears Offline

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#292550 - 06/22/09 03:32 AM Re: 4 teens charged as adults [Re: myboyhoodfears]
jtafoya11 Offline

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Loc: new mexico

Randy Tafoya

#293113 - 06/26/09 07:11 AM Re: 4 teens charged as adults [Re: Clockwise]
Logan Offline

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Originally Posted By: Clockwise

I What I'm also upset about is how the article said that the crime took place multiple times over several months and that people witnessed it and could hear the kid screaming outside of the locker room.

I am also really anger by this statement.
That is what haunts me the most to this day about disciplinary boot camp, was hearing the screams and yelps of other kids being tortured and having the staff twist their arms behind their backs until their shoulders dislocated or the arms were almost broken. Grrrrrrrrrrr mad mad mad

I think one possible explanation Larry is that over time it probably became gradually worse as the perps became desensitized by the violence,. That is just a possible explanation and in no way an excuse for what these bastards did to that kid!!!


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