Well my abuse started when I was 5years old...I was a very adventurous kid...always getting into trouble lol...I was molested by two older boys who were my next door neighbours...I dont remember much of the abuse...just my rapekit..and the blacklight test that they do to discover semen from getting anal or(girls..vaginally and anal) raped...I remembered this from an episode years later from an episode of ER..and had a flashback to it...where they were telling me it was ok..and that they were playing a game or looking for something and smiled to me...after that..I came home and discovered my house was on fire...the firefighters think it was the boys who molested me...trying to protect there mother..but we couldnt prove it..so we went to court and I dont remember the rest...when I was 7 or 8 after moving to a motel and living at my nanas...we moved to my second home..I met new friends and we all fooled around..thinking it was normal boy stuff....and I met an older boy in middleschool who befriended me and made me suck his dick...and do it in front of his friends and suck some of them...he years later got married(about 2 years ago now) then we moved and I met my bestfriend we got caught by mom and she was like your gay...I then got outed a few years later when I was 16 in hs...at 21 I met my first bf we had sex and when he went to penetrate me..I had a flashback and had a panic attack it was really bad...then I got groped by a guy when I was dating another guy..who the guy who groped me ended up being a registered sex offender so that disturbed me...then another guy I dated ended up a few years later drugging me and using me as a sex toy..for the night and dropping me off at my home as he used me....that's all..thanks for reading.