"Prison justice". You've all heard the term,the expression. Men behind prison bars don't like child molesters. The public's been made to believ that criminals have some higher sense of justice when it comes to men who fuck kids. Oh yeah? You believ that? Well I spent two years behind bars and I can tell you straight out that ain't the case. The men behind bars do the same to their fellow inmates that they do to the public outside of jail. They wreak havoc upon the weak,the vulnerable. The man behind bars who violently attacks a child molester was himself put in prison for raping someone's 80 year old grandmother. Or pulling off a liquor store robbery where he put a 9mm projectile into the storekeep's brain. Or maybe he blew away a cop. I don't like child molesters and frankly I'd pop a cap on one as easily as squashing a poisonous spider I found under my bedsheets. But do not fall victim to the bullshit that guys behind bars who attack molesters have some higher calling. They don't. They did'nt get to be where they are by attending church.

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