I've posted my story once but after reading more of the posts I have decided that maybe I should put a little more detail into my story.

My mother died when I was 6 years old and my father went crazy. He started doing drugs and pimping. He started emotionally and physically abusing me. Over the course of my life my dad would torture me in many ways. One of the most harmful being when I was 15 and he tied me down and sold my body to his drug dealer for, of course, drugs. That was not the first or last time I was sexually assaulted.

When I was 9 he let his best friend move in with us. His friend sexually abused me until I was 18 years old. He too, after many years of molestation, would tie me down and rape me and sell my body to a man that he owed money to. If I didn't do as I was told he would whip me or do many other unspeakable things.

My dad would have parties and tons of men and my dad's prostitutes would come to them. All the people were the scum of the earth. Five different times during these parties, I was jumped my 3 men. I never knew who they were or why the choose to attack me instead of having sex with the prostitutes down stairs.

There were many other cases like these and I've never been able to even slightly get over it.

I finally was able to get out of the situation after my dad's best friend and drug dealer put me in a coma. I had gottin into trouble and they wanted to teach me a lesson. They took ecstasy and raped me for 6 hours. They tortured me, whipped me and finally slammed my head against a wall until it made a squish sound.

I woke from the coma 3 months later and the cops had been there so I took advantage of the situation and turned them in.

I knew there were other men out there that had been sexually abused. But I didn't understand that there were some with close to the same story until I found this site.