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They'd probably search for doppler effect or something, unless they only heard about it on tv or something, but i understand what you mean. I tried and i don't turn up any of your posts by entering blueshift into google. Being a physics student i will certainly miss your old screen name lol, but hope the new one works out well!

I'll miss it too a little, but I feel better knowing there's probably less people reading my stuff. I think I probably changed the title of it so it wouldn't show up like that any more but there was one post about a bad experience with bdsm the title of which started with blueshift and it popped right up when I googled blueshift.

I guess I could have just avoided using my screen name in the post title, but I just didn't want to take any more chances.

Good thing I didn't go with "obama" or "sarapalin". lol I'd really be getting coverage then!