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#288097 - 05/19/09 08:16 PM Re: Sexual Assault at Work [Re: jls]
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Just a reminder to take a deep breath and a step back before typing a reactive response. It is very important to maintain respect toward both transmitters and receivers here in this volatile subject.

Nobody needs to come here and be further victimized by friends and brothers who so very well 'know the pain'.

Keep it 'light', please, and thank you.

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#288099 - 05/19/09 08:22 PM Re: Sexual Assault at Work [Re: ModTeam]
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noted thanks

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#288128 - 05/20/09 12:47 AM Re: Sexual Assault at Work [Re: mogigo]
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Originally Posted By: mogigo
Doug, sorry you got involved. Never was I insinuating anything about what you posted.

You can relax about me, bro. I was replying to jls. I used quotes to avoid any confusion. Seems like everyone's going through these threads too quickly! lol

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#288136 - 05/20/09 02:03 AM Re: Sexual Assault at Work [Re: blueshift]
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I just want to clarify that I was in no way minimizing the act under discussion by saying I didn't think it should be called a sexual assault. Nor do I feel that people harmed psychologically by indecent exposure are not traumatized.

I just feel that its a matter of context. In this case, it sounds like the behavior resulted in someone feeling threatened and that is the crime. But if someone exposing him or herself is, regardless of context, a sexual assault then I would have to say that some of the best memories of my childhood was being "sexually assaulted" repeatedly by multiple people at the nudist camp my dad took me to.

On the other hand, I also remember a man sticking his wiener at me through a hole in the partition in the mens room at a bus depot when I was a little boy. I still wouldn't call that a sexual assault, but was I traumatized? Absolutely! and I treat the memory the same as a sexual assault but it when where and how it was done that made it traumatic.

It sounds like where Jls is, the law would call some man who got seen taking off his clothes at a secluded beach on a hot day a sexual predator! Laws need to be written so they make sense. That's all I'm saying.

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#288152 - 05/20/09 06:16 AM Re: Sexual Assault at Work [Re: prisonerID]
jls Offline

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Thanks for the support. Your right that it was not my decision to make whether he's ordered to therapy or to jail. Some here may believe that I came from a callous and hard place when the police were called but I want people to know that deep down I did it because I felt he needed help that he wasn't getting, if not for himself but for the larger community. As things turns out, he was charged again today for more sexual offences against staff, the latest involving approaching and groping another female staff member against her will. I rest my case.

Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.

#288665 - 05/24/09 12:23 PM Re: Sexual Assault at Work [Re: jls]
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Sorry if I am venturing in late on this. A few of us here at MS, and as well, in this thread, appreciate your point of view, and also understand that in your country, the bar is set on purpose very low, with the intent of protecting as many people as possible from unwanted sexual experiences. We also have to keep in mind in this discussion that the interpretation of sexual assault in your country is different from others in other countries. What constitutes sexual assault where you live is what matters as those are the societal rules that govern your life, and those around you. I think you did the right thing.

I'd also like to put the issue of power on the table. The man with the offending behaviour obviously thought he had power, and could do whatever he wanted. His use of that power crossed the line in your country, and to not call the police would only have allowed him to retain his power, his control over others. To not call the police would have kept the secret, allowing the abuser to continue his abuse of others. I think you know where I am going with this. As adults now, we have the ability to say in a loud voice that no one should have to be exposed to another's sexual behaviour without their consent. We have the power. If we choose to not use it, that just lets the bad guys continue being bad. I'm sorry someone else got hurt by the bad guy. Maybe if someone else had called the cops a lot earlier, neither of the people who you wrote about might have been hurt.


In my country, women, not just in nudist colonies, but on the street, have the legal right to be able walk on the streets topless, if they so choose. When the case to obtain this right went to court, the decision was made that women's breasts are not, in and of themselves sexual any more than a man's. Its society's (predominatly men's) objectification of them that has resulted in the sexualization of the anatomy. Just thought I'd throw that in there for the hell of it. grin


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