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#28834 - 05/04/02 10:36 AM Re: Why I Will Never Be A Paramedic...By Squigy
Mark R Offline
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Squiggy....nice job. I'm glad you don't have to forever be in paramedic mode, but sure glad you can when you need to. Your family sounds great. Thanks for sharing

#28835 - 05/04/02 06:17 PM Re: Why I Will Never Be A Paramedic...By Squigy
MrDon Offline

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At the site of blood, I usually have one feeling... darkness and the lights going out!.. Next, it is usually followed by a "ker-thump" on the floor! I'm definately not paramedic material and what I tell people is, I will go call for help. If I stay there with you, you will be treating me for fainting.. and when I faint, I go out! I wish it was different but it isn't. So I am glad you could do what you did.


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#28836 - 05/08/02 05:34 PM Re: Why I Will Never Be A Paramedic...By Squigy
randy Offline

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Thats the way to be a real human. Compassion without a commision. Taking action without expectations. That mom will always remember you. ON alighter note a good friend of mine was once a paramedic. However he brought his carrear to a close after giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a gent who puked GERMAN POTATO SALAD back into his mouth while being revived. YUCCH.

#28837 - 05/08/02 10:35 PM Re: Why I Will Never Be A Paramedic...By Squigy

Back during the mid 80s I joined a volunteer fire dept in Idledale,Co. I was given a badge,vehical w/ red,blue,yellow and clear lightbar atop it,a 100 watt Motorola radio and zero training. My first call out of Golden Dispatch sent me to highway #26 between I-70 and Morrison. Two destroyed vehicals and 6 dead kids lay on the asphalt roadway. It was a head-on at a combined speed in excess of 140mph. Know what I remember best? No sound track. All that stuff you see on tv has an added sound track. Music in the background. No music here. Just silence and a light wind. Then the rescue chopper coming over the Razorback,a range of hills between me & Denver. One of the boys was driving uphill delivering a pizza. The other 5 boys were coming downhill. I looked in what was left of their van. Must've been two dozen empty liquor bottles in it. There had been many more but they were broken shards of glass now. Later,the Chief instructed me in "black humor". The Richard at this website knows what I'm talking about.

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#28838 - 05/10/02 05:19 PM .


#28839 - 05/11/02 12:38 AM Re: Why I Will Never Be A Paramedic...By Squigy

Hi Squigy. Black humor amongst the people who wear badges enables them to survive mind-shattering experiences by making fun of them. Once,I was first-on-scene after a young lady waitress in Morrison had gotten aboard her boyfriend's new Harley Davidson motorcycle for a short ride. 30 seconds later both were dead. They had rounded the first corner west of Morrison on highway #74. The boyfriend was drunk. His motorcycle passed over the highway centerline and ran head on into a steel projection jutting out from an 18-wheeler truck. She was cut in half. It was a lovely sunny afternoon there in the Colorado Rockies. I had recently gone thru a divorce in California. Moved to the Rockies hoping to find solace. And now before me lay the clone of my ex-wife,Debbie. I stood there repeating "Debbie..Debbie...Debbie". The Chief from Indian Hills Fire Dept. appeared on-scene,walked up beside me. Saw my condition and said "She's still got her pussy. Take her home,put her in the freezer. Then you can defrost her in the microwave and fuck her whenever you want". I felt rage for a moment then realized what he had done.
"Thanks,Chief" I told him. Black humor is using horror to defeat horror. That's how people who wear badges keep their sanity. Much later I trekked Interstate I-70 at 3:00am at 40F below zero looking for the remains of a trucker who'd been crushed by his truck,ground to pieces. A lady cop showed up. Illuminating the trucker's innards with my Maglight I asked her "I've got cats at home. Hungry cats. Mind if I take this shit home?".

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#28840 - 05/11/02 01:37 PM Re: Why I Will Never Be A Paramedic...By Squigy
Spider-man Offline

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Loc: NY
There was a guy I knew in London who trained to be a paramedic. He finished his training and the first night he went out on the road happened to be the night some whackjob nailbombed a bar in london. First on the scene, he was one of three having to decide who could be saved and who couldn't.
Thats why I couldn't be a paramedic - I wouldn't want to decide, on a day to day basis, who gets to live and who dies.


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