The first memory that I have recalled so far was just after I started school I guess 4 yrs old. I guess things happened before that at the compound, I witnessed things happening to kids younger than that but I don't remember it happening to me. This though wasn't at the compound, it was at my house.

The stuff I remember happening at home is harder to deal with even though the events are far less gruesome. It wasn't part of a ritual or ceremony. I wasn't being trained. It was just him and me...too personal maybe, I don't know.

I was only in school half a day, the mornings. He was there to watch me after school and my little sister all day. He was there for several weeks while my mother got her schedule straight I guess so she could be home.

My sister would always be taking a nap when I got home. My grandfather called it our special time. Thinking about it now he must have given her something because she didn't wake up for anything, no matter how much noise I made or him.

Made me take off all my clothes as soon as I would get home and he would bath me. Said he couldn't have a dirty boy. Afterwards he'd take me to his room and spank me...always first thing. Then he'd start inserting stuff, different stuff. If I cried or yelled I'd get hit again. He'd leave it in and stand me next to him on the bed so he could blow me. He'd take pictures of the things he did to me. Always in the end he'd make me go down on him. He would cum all over my face, chest, stomach then I'd get in trouble for being such a messy boy and get spanked again.

Don't remember how long he was there, long enough for me to start getting in trouble at school. I knew better than to say anything. Talking wasn't/isn't allowed.